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Love Story

August 23, 2008

Anything is possible in love. Imagine this situation. A student falls in Love with a Girl who study closely with him in the same college. Both start dating, but somewhere the student realizes he doesn’t Love the Girl anymore. The heartbroken Girl is looking for someone to mend her broken heart. She ends up meeting the Student’s cousin somewhere. Before you undergo it, the cousin and that Girl start dating. They both realize they Love each other, think about getting married, and everybody is happy. End of story. Think it was a dopy plot? Well, think again.

The story mentioned above is actually the plot of a best selling novel. If digit has to fortuity down the plots of most romantic novels, they would actually seem quite silly. So ground then are most of the romantic novels in the concern much bestsellers then? Because Love sells. Love stories simply stand the test of time, and give generations hope on which to build their perfect Love story. The earliest Love stories were ofttimes told in the form of songs, or ballads passed down from digit generation to another, till they were written as stories to read. Then came the immortal ‘Romeo and Juliet’, which gave birth to the notion that dying for Love was a heroic act. One would encounter similar Love stories from crossways the world, much as Laila- Majnu or Heer- Ranjha. Each celebrating love.

The truth is that Love stories will Love on. Boys will hope they encounter a woman who will stand by them and girls will ready hoping they encounter men who will die for them. It is not for nothing that generations hit grown up on Mills and Boons, and Danielle Steele. It is all part of the race in the search for the perfect Love story.


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July 18, 2008

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